Ezekiel 22:30 and Psalm 106:23 speak of God looking for someone to “stand in the breach” between God and humanity. This is most certainly the role of a pastor, but it is also the role of every one of us who follows Jesus. We are called to stand in the breach between God and the world God loves. I think we do this in prayer and service. In prayer, as we bring into God’s presence those for whom we pray. In service, as we meet Jesus in the face of those we serve.

It is said of Julian of Norwich that she lived in a cell on the side of a church with one window into the church and one window out into the community. Perhaps this is our role. Perhaps this is standing in the breach. Being fed by God and then sharing those gifts, that love and grace, with all those in our communities and the world around us.

May God help us all to stand in the breach.

God bless,