Is prayer saying a lot of words? Is prayer reciting the “right” words? Is prayer repeating the prayers that we have said since we were children? Is prayer simply being silent?

There are so many answers out there to those questions. I offer these two comments on prayer from Philip Yancey and Henri Nouwen.

“The real ‘work’ of prayer, is to become silent and listen to the voice that says good things about me.” That is Philip Yancey quoting Henri Nouwen. Isn’t that beautiful! Have you ever thought of prayer that way? I urge you, and I urge myself, at our next opportunity to practice that type prayer. To be silent and listen to the voice that says good things about you! Wow!

Yancey also writes, “prayer is not a place to be good, prayer is a place to be honest.” And in that honesty we are accepted and loved. Oh, the grace of God!

Finally, Yancey writes, “Prayer offers no ironclad guarantee, but the certain promise that we need not live that mystery alone.”

 I always come back to the idea that prayer is relationship, relationship with the living God who loves us unconditionally. May you be blessed in your relationship with God, may you hear God’s voice telling you how much you are loved and may you know, in the depths of your heart that you do not live this mystery alone.

God bless,