The above map shows the route of our Coast to Coast walk beginning in St. Bee’s England. Hopefully, you can enlarge your view of the sign to get a little detail.

Starting with a training plan in January we have been doing lots of training for our walk. We started at 17 miles a week and gradually increased to more than 35 miles a week. Since January 23 we have walked 375 miles. Our training culminated with an 11 mile walk in our neighborhood on Friday. We have tried to get in lots of hills and to walk in both sunny and rainy weather. Speaking of weather, the temperatures where we will be walking in England are almost exactly what they are here in Mukilteo. We will likely have temperatures most of the way in the high 50’s, low 60’s. Those are perfect temperatures for walking for us.  And it is absolutely sure to rain on us, at least a few days.


Training has also included practice packing. Here is Janet trying out her new suitcase.

I may have mentioned that we are spending a few days in Northern Ireland on our way to England. We have a couple nights in Belfast, a night in Derry, and then two nights with Janet’s cousins Teresa and Claus Janssen in Letterkenny, Ireland. That will all be so much fun.

So stay tuned! Training completed!

God bless,