One of the traditions on the Coast to Coast walk is to dip the toes of your boots into the Irish Sea at St. Bee’s and to pick up a small stone. You carry the stone all 190 miles to Robin Hood’s Bay where you dip the toes of your boots into the North Sea and toss your pebble into the sea.

Well, we are going to ramp up that tradition. Just for fun, we will add the step of dipping our toes into Puget Sound in Mukilteo and picking up a stone. We will carry that stone to St. Bees and toss it into the Irish Sea, at which point we will pick up another stone to carry to Robin Hood’s Bay.

So here we are in Mukilteo, dipping out toes into Puget Sound and choosing our pebble. From sea to shining sea…to shining sea.

I received some responses to my last post that the map was hard to read. Sorry about that. Here is a better option. Follow this link to the Wikipedia article and you can see maps and pictures. This should do the trick. Click HERE for Wikipedia article.

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