I want to share with you some exciting new resources that I have found recently. They are encouraging to me about the future of Christianity. They come from a variety of sources. Some are expressly not associated with any particular denomination. So they are not caught up in the burdens of the “institutional” church. All are intended to be inviting to those who may not want to go to “church” but have an interest in learning about God or Jesus. I encourage you to check them all out.

Spotify Playlists
Here is a Spotify playlist for Lent developed by my friend Christine Sine who blogs at Godspacelight, https://godspacelight.com/ I love this playlist and listen to it almost every day during Lent. Here is the link and remember you can listen to this for free if you simply download the Spotify app.


Here is a Spotify playlist that I have recently developed just for encouraging music for me. It is titled Coe’s Contemporary Christian Favs. You can listen here.


I was watching some of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and saw a couple ads that were really cool about Jesus. They were sending us to a website https://hegetsus.com I encourage you to check it out and especially to watch the short video clips. They are very well done and powerful. An excellent resource.

At a Via de Cristo (a Christian renewal movement Janet and I have been associated with for 45 years, https://vdcww.com/ ) a couple weeks ago, I learned about another Bible app titled YouVersion. Its available in the app stores. It has a lot on it, but what I like are the daily Bible verses. They come in video form, with a real person reading the verse and talking about what it means to them. They are personal and powerful short testimonies. In the first three days I watched, they included a Black woman, white man, and Asian man. Hurray, some diversity. They are good. Check out the YouVersion app.

The Chosen
Finally, I also heard about a TV series that looks interesting. It is on Apple TV but it has its own app and can be watched through the app. It is called The Chosen and The Chosen app is available on the Apple store. It is about the disciples and looks very interesting. I am looking forward to watching. I encourage you to check it out too.

All of these resources are encouraging to me about the future for followers of Jesus. I urge you to check them out and see what you think.

God bless,