It is Easter Sunday and our church here in Mukilteo started to hold limited in-person services. There were probably about 30 of us in church this morning, with a few more in their cars listening to the FM broadcast from the parking lot and, of course, some more at home watching the live-stream. It was so good to be together. It was delightful.

Granted, its not what we might long for, we are still wearing masks, social distancing, not hugging, and having communion with pre-packaged grapejuice and some chiclet-sized piece of bread-like substance. But its church, and we’re together, and we’re singing, and there is a sense of community. Alleluia! Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

It feels a little like resurrection. We are beginning to exit the tomb that has been COVID. With Spring coming and some sunshine and hopefully COVID cases will start dropping again, it is a hopeful season.

I have been thinking about what Jesus’ resurrection means for me this year. It means hope. It means new life. It means getting through a pandemic. It means building new relationships and rekindling old ones that have been held at a distance for more than a year. It means that Jesus has something new for us as we emerge from dark days. It means we have not been alone and we never will be, whatever life throws at us. Jesus is present with us, God’s love never leaves, and there is always the promise and hope of new life. That’s resurrection for me.

What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for you this year?

God bless,