Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I just wanted to share a collection of some things I have found hopeful and peace-bringing as we head into election day.

The following prayer is from Nadia Bolz-Weber and was published on her Corners website.

Dear God,

This week is a doozey.

If anxiety produced a sound, it would be deafening right now.

Open my ears to the sounds I need most: the wild geese overhead, Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace (1972); the sound of my friend on the other end of the phone; the sugar-high laughter of children who need us to dial down the doom.

If fear could be seen, it would be obscuring everything else.

Open my eyes to the sights that I need most: my puppy underfoot with a toy in her mouth, ready to play; the brightening of my neighbor’s eyes under their mask when I pass them in the stairwell; that sidewalk covered in an oak tree’s fallen leaves like nature’s confetti.

 If sorrow could be tasted, the bitterness would overcome me.

 Open my mouth to the sweetness I need: words of kindness; deep, unhurried kisses; and absolutely as much Ben and Jerry’s as I deem necessary.

 Help me remember that you are in the other side of Tuesday, no matter what.


Let’s use that prayer this week!

Then I read another suggestion that we put a candle in the window and say a prayer. Well, I love candles, so mine are going in the window right now.

Lastly, I have to send you this song link for The Keep Going On Song. It just brought great joy to my heart and soul. I hope it brings a smile to you as well.

God bless you all!