Oh my goodness, we only have three more days of walking. When we started, it seemed like the route stretched out in front of us forever. 190 miles, 22 days, that seemed so long. There were many questions. How hard would it be? Would we make it all the way? Would our equipment and our bodies hold up? Would we get lost, or be discouraged by constant rain?

Now there are only three days left and not very many questions unanswered. Barring accidents, our bodies and equipment will make it, in fact we are doing great. We have not gotten lost. The heat was a greater threat of discouragement than rain, but we have persevered. Those English ciders and ales at the end of the day are a great encouragement. It has been challenging, fun, interesting, and both relaxing and tiring at the same time. Relaxing because you don’t really have to think about much. Just keep walking and stop to breathe when necessary and be sure to stop and admire the views. Tiring, just because we are walking an average of 11 miles a day. But it is a good tired, not a stressed out tired.

And now, as we begin to look back at the journey, we have amazing appreciation for this country, the wonderful people, the very hard-working and gracious BnB hosts, the friendly hikers from all over the world, and the beautiful, varied, and striking countryside of northern England. We started out reminding ourselves that this was an adventure. It has indeed been an adventure, an adventure of a life time.

Today is Monday, June 12, and we walked from Clay Bank Top to Blakey Ridge. We are staying at the Lion Inn (https://www.lionblakey.co.uk), the only building at Blakey Ridge. The Lion Inn is the fourth highest inn in England. It is a very common stop for C2C walkers and also for tourists driving through the North York Moors National Park. We get to have a rest day here and we are just going to relax. This is a nearly 500 year old inn and I think people were a lot shorter 500 years ago. Note the “Mind Your Head” sign. 

We started today with about a 2 mile climb, but after that it was basically 7 miles of mostly flat walking on the top of the moor. I like walking on the moors. It is quiet except for the birds. We heard an Eurasian Skylark today. Click the following link for a YouTube video on the Skylark. https://youtu.be/Ot6JniyV1Tg. We saw a few sheep, a few grouse, some walkers, and lots of sky, heather, and clear horizons.

There were old stones set up along the route that may have been boundary stones. One seems to have a face carved into it. Don’t know the story.

Occasionally, we could see down into the pretty farming valleys. It was all very peaceful.

This is pretty much what our trail looked like once we got up on top. Pretty straight, pretty flat, just keep on walking. It was good.

As I write this before we go to dinner I am drinking Yorkshire tea and our laundry is drying on every available spot to hang a piece of clothing in our room. I may try another English ale with dinner and the menu here looks pretty good. Ahh, there is nothing like a day off.

Love to you all. Thank you for all your support, well-wishes, prayers, and encouragement. The day after tomorrow we are off for Glaisdale.

Today’s miles: 8.91. Total miles so far: 161.37. Miles remaining: 28.63.

God bless,