Wow, today was our hardest day yet. It is Sunday, June 11, and today we walked from Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top. It was a 12 mile day, but it wasn’t the distance that made it hard. It was the heat (near 80 degrees) and the five major climbs that we had to get over.

But before we get to today, here is a nice picture of another mileage sign we saw in Ingleby Cross, where we stayed last night.

We knew it was going to be warm today, so we once again traded our BnB breakfast for an extra sandwich in our packed lunch and we hit the trail at 6:13AM.  We started out walking through beautiful woods. No more walking through farmer’s pastures today.

Our first climb took us up a beautiful moor with great views at the top.

As we looked ahead we could see the trail stretching into the distance. More moor climbs ahead.

But as we reached the top of our second moor of the day we were met with a surprise.

We reached the top and what did we find?
600 mountain bikers all in a line.

There was a huge mountain biking event taking place and there were bikers everywhere. They were riding treacherously steep tracks down the mountainside. Then they would ride, or walk, their bikes back up to the top and there would be a different stage with a different track down the hill.

The views continued to be spectacular at the top of our third moor where we left the bikers behind.

This is now our fifth and final moor of the day. We saw very few sheep today, so instead of a sheep of the day, we have a Moor of the Day. And here it is. We are pooped. It is steaming out and we have been walking for almost 8 hours. These are called the Wainstones and we have to clamber up and over them. But they are pretty impressive.

We finally made it to the top and looked back at where we had come from. Pretty spectacular walk. But we are done in. For the first time, we both ran out of water. We are ready for a shower, more water, and bed.

Today’s miles: 12.42. Today’s elevation gain: 3409’. Total miles so far: 152.46. Miles remaining: 37.54

A note on all the people we have met on the trail. Generally, we see the same people for three or four days, until we take a rest day and they go on. You read earlier about Bob and Angie from Northern Ireland and their dog Coco. We also walked early on with a couple from Canada that were very nice and friendly. There were the four guys hiking together, some of whom were from Amsterdam. They had with them an older man who said this was his 8th time doing the Coast to Coast. We had a good laugh when we watched him way ahead of us make a wrong turn and have to back track way down a hill he had climbed. He blamed it on the “darn American GPS.”

These last few days we have been seeing a wonderful couple from Australia and also a man from Düsseldorf. We will be with them tomorrow, but probably not after that as we have our last rest day the day after tomorrow. We have met all kinds of people and they have been really friendly. It has been part of what has made the trip fun.

Okay, it’s bed time for me.

God bless,