(This post is about our walk on Saturday. You are getting it late due to a lack of Wi-Fi or cell service in Ennerdale Bridge.)

A beautiful and easy day on the trail today (Saturday). We hiked up and over one big hill and then through a beautiful valley into the quiet little village of Ennerdale Bridge.

Today’s distance: 5.95 miles. Total distance so far: 15.98 miles.

We are staying in a little inn and pub called The Shepherd’s Arms. It is very nice. I feel like I might be staying in the “Good Shepherd’s” arms.

Here we are heading up our morning hill. It was pretty steep going up, but the down part on the other side was much harder. Very steep going down.

Here we have made it to the top and are chatting with other hikers. We have seen lots of hikers from all over the world along the way and also lots of locals out walking. Everyone is friendly. These young women are from Amsterdam and we have also made some friends with some Canadians from Toronto that are going a little more closely to our (slow) pace.

Here is the vista all the way back to the Irish Sea from the top of the hill.

The English countryside. So beautiful. This is the direction we are heading. 

Some sweet sheep joining us for lunch in a shady spot. It was so pretty and peaceful.

A little different type of Coast to Coast sign…but it works

We thought the picture of the hiker in this sign was pretty accurate. Sometimes we kind of feel like that. But not today. Perfect hiking weather and beautiful countryside.

And, of course, we found a pub along the way. And it was tasty, refreshing, and relaxing sitting in the pub’s outdoor garden beside a stream.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is a really big day for us. It is one of the hardest days on the walk. We should go about 14.5 miles with lots of elevation gain. So we’re getting a good night’s sleep and starting off early.

God bless from the Shepherd’s Arms,